Board of Directors

Mel Chua – Secretary

Mel Chua (she/they) is a contagiously enthusiastic hacker, scholar, and perpetual motion machine. They are an auditory low-pass filter (deaf), multimodal polyglot (ASL/English), and enthusiastic forearm crutch and manual wheelchair user and dancer. Mel has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Olin College and a PhD in Engineering Education from Purdue University, where they studied learning in FLOSS communities. They have worked/consulted as community architects for Red Hat, the Fedora Project, and One Laptop Per Child, among others, and served on advisory boards for the Ada Initiative and Open@RIT.

Alex Handy

Alex Handy is the founder of the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment. He spent 20 years as a technology journalist writing for outlets like Wired, the East Bay Express, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and Make Magazine. He is now a serial non-profiteer, open copyright/source activist, and software historian.

Liz Henry – President

Liz Henry wears a lot of hats: maker and hackerspace enthusiast, technical program manager for Mozilla, poet and literary translator, program manager for the Disability Inclusion Fund x Tech, and member of Awesome Foundation Disability. You can find more of their writing, translation, and random blogging at, and for microblogging,

Karen Nakamura – Treasurer

Professor Karen Nakamura is a cultural and visual anthropologist at the University of California Berkeley. Her first book was titled Deaf in Japan: Signing and the Politics of Identity (2006). Her next project resulted in two ethnographic films and a monograph titled, A Disability of the Soul: An Ethnography of Schizophrenia and Mental Illness in Contemporary Japan (2014). She is currently working on the intersections of transsexuality and disability politics in postwar Japan as well as a project on disability, technology, and access especially in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML). 

Ian Smith

Advisory Board

Ian Smith works as a software engineer in San Francisco. His other projects include, using public transit APIs to provide a better user experience for disabled riders. He studied Computer Science at MIT and Linguistics at Gallaudet University. He is Deaf and a wheelchair user.