Preservation of assistive tech DIY materials: Maintaining online index to inventions, designs, software, and other specs for open licensed DIY assistive tech; Listing and digitizing a physical archive of books and papers donated by Alexandra Enders.

  • GOAT index on LibraryThing (Books, software, and DIY inventions)
  • GOAT showcase (posts on this site to spotlight disabled inventors and their creations)

Curation: Cataloguing the physical and digital archive of materials, adding metadata, tags, photos, and other useful information. Making that archive easily searchable. Creating a framework for translations for design documentation.

Resource guides: Toolkits and templates for inventors, curators, hackathon organizers, teachers, and student projects.

Community: Hosting events for builders and inventors, discussions online, and other events. Outreach to inventors, builders, and implementors of DIY assistive tech. Connecting organizations.

  • (Upcoming) Wheelchair modding workshop – San Francisco